Team Programs

Competitive Team

TumbleKids USA is committed to giving each child the best gymnastics training possible. We pledge to give our students more than sound training and a strong physical advantage. We want them to achieve the intangibles: Self-Discipline, Self Confidence and Self-Respect.

Our philosophy of coaching is simple: hard work, strong basics and persistence with attention to detail and FUN will develop a happy, healthy and strong athlete. As we train young athletes, we also understand we are shaping the next generation of young adults. As coaches we understand the enormous influence we have on students within our program. We strive to make our influence on your children positive.


The purpose of the Xcel Program is to present recreational gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide former Junior Olympic competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment. The goal of the Xcel Program at TumbleKids USA is to challenge each and every athlete's limits and abilities by providing enjoyable, yet challenging practices and competitions.

Pre-Team (5 – 7yrs)

Our Pre-Team is a developmental program designed for a group of talented young gymnasts who show potential for competitive gymnastics. In this group gymnasts will work on skill progressions, advanced skills, strength conditioning and flexibilty. Please note that our Pre-Team is an invitation-only group. If interested in being evaluated please speak with one of the Team Coaches.

Rising Stars (3.5 – 5yrs)

This group is for students who have shown good physical and mental ability and enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics. Rising Stars is an invitation only group and is geared towards students who may be interested in competitive gymnastics in the future. Strong basic skills, strength, and flexibility will be stressed with a big emphasis on fun and learning.

"We can't say enough about TumbleKids. We have two very different children. One is outgoing and one needs to be encouraged to be brave. They are both thriving at Tumblekids in the caring, instructional hands of all the coaches! The coaches work hard to keep the gym clean, the classes age appropriate and always fun for their kids. They also understand that parents need face time with their children's coaches and they communicate well about the progress their children are making. We think it's safe to say we will be watching them from behind the white shelves for years to come and happily so!"